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Tiger Refined Sugar

Fine Grain Crystal White Refined sugar with less than 600 micron is the preferred choice of the world market and the refinery has been able to deliver the quality from day one. The Sugar produced at USPL meets the world class standards and has been able to make its mark in international arenas. The sugar has been primarily packed in 50 kg and 25 kg PP bags with TIGER logo on it giving a unique identity to the brand.

The sugar easily meets the below parameters desired by the international markets

Polarisation Min 99.8 deg
Icumsa Min 45
Ash 0.04%
Moisture 0.05%

In the very first year of its operation, the Refinery was not shy of innovating and packing sugar in 1 mt jumbo bags to be loaded onto the specially designed BIBO vessel to one of the most quality sensitive specific market and the TIGER Refined sugar quality was well appreciated.

TIGER brand has become a success in markets like Africa and Middle East and repeat order from the buyers speaks about the consistent quality delivered with each consignment by the refinery.

USPL is not only capable to meet the quality demand of the international market but is well equipped to meet the ever-rising domestic demand as well. Indian consumer’s preference for bold grain sugar as compared to fine grain in the international market makes the Refinery as one of the most flexible assets which can switch from production of fine grain to bold grain instantly.


Molasses is the bi product produced in the refinery during the refining process of raw sugar. With production of 20 mt per day, the refinery gives a through put of 600 mt per month of Molasses for both the domestic and international markets

Molasses from the refinery is like nectar for the distilleries as it is pure and have high TRS and BRIX levels as compared to molasses produced from cane crushing sugar mills.

USPL has been able to export molasses to international markets and also fulfill the needs of the domestic buyers locally on regular basis and have set a consistent quality standard for their product.

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