ED & F Man Sugar Limited

ED & F Man Sugar Ltd, London UK (EDFM), established in Year 1783, is one of the oldest and major international commodities traders. A global organization with offices in more than 60 countries across different continents enjoys leadership in merchanting of commodities comprising of white sugar, raw sugar, molasses and coffee. Inherent strength of sourcing, processing, marketing, logistics and risk management combined with an in-depth knowledge of the markets enables Man to deliver consistently high quality service to their clients.

In addition to the merchanting operations, it has created strategic fixed asset investments in:

  • Sugar: Refining and blending capabilities, dedicated bulk white sugar vessels, storage silos, warehousing, port elevators and inland facilities, cane and beet sugar processing.
  • Molasses: Bulk liquid storage terminals and animal feed blend facilities.
  • Coffee: Milling, blending, sampling and cupping facilities for tailor-made supply. It also own warehousing facilities at key origins and destinations.

EDFM is having refining investments and operations in number of countries and its experience and expertise is available to USPL as well.

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Simbhaoli Sugars Limited, India

Simbhaoli Sugars is a sugar manufacturing, by-products value adding and a complete technology company, with a business mix that spans over the entire spectrum of sugar related businesses including manufacture of specialty sugars, quality liquor, technology consultancy, extra neutral alcohol (ENA), ethanol and bio-manure. As India’s largest integrated sugar refinery, the Company has pioneered path-breaking innovations in sugar refining (DefecoRemeltPhosphotation and Ion Exchange technology), high value, niche products (specialty sugars) and clean energy (ethanol). SSL has a presence in domestic refined sugar markets especially in the Northern region.

Simbhaoli Sugars Limited (SSL) is providing operational and management services to USPL Refinery since inception. SSL will also assist USPL in domestic sale of white sugar.

UniWorld Sugars Private Limited (USL/Company/Tiger), a joint venture company, was incorporated in October 2009.

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Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process of Uniworld Sugars Private Limited